Runde Forsking

Webdesign & Webflow development

Isak Tuene - Norway, Webflow, Oslo, Webflow development, UX/UI Design

Lead designer and developer

November 2022

About the company

Located at the Runde island in western Norway, Runde Forsking delivers assignments and research within coastal ecology and the marine environment.

Project description

Runde Forsking is a newly funded company and is a daughter of Runde Miljøsenter. They needed a website to portray all the activities that are taking place in the station. They have amazing research facilities located on a unique island, and they wanted a portal where they could post news, publications and projects that they have done.

Lighthouse report

On every website I create I work on optimizing the website for accessibility and SEO. Lighthouse creates a standard for the web to see where your website is lacking or not using best practices.

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