Webdesign and Webflow development

Isak Tuene - Norway, Webflow, Oslo, Webflow development, UX/UI Design

Lead designer and developer

@ Jan 2021

About the company

Norbruk is a startup within local serving of canteens and catering. Their aim is to deliver a positive food experience that leaves a good impression and at the same time the least possible impact on the environment. With homemade food, they create joy in people's workday.

Project description

In collaboration with Losen Studio I took the challenge to create the website for this newly founded company. Losen was working on defining the strategy of the brand and visual identity for the startup, and requested the design and development for a one-pager.

The structure

The information architecture of the website was quite simple and only required 6 sections of design for the first delivery. As this is a company in big growth this was only creating a temporary one-pager that would get more defined as the company grew.


Norbruk is a quick growing company with big local clients such as Vard, Nortel, Stokke, Sb1 SMN and Skatteetaten. Growing from 0 employees in February 2021, to 70 employees in June 2022. With the growth of the company the website has also grown.

An additional 5+ pages that has been added since the first release. This being CMS-collections for articles, vacancies and new sections for the homepage. In addition they have started offering their catering service with a focus on the upcoming Christmas season feasts.

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