Distribution Innovation

Webdesign, Webflow development (+1)

Isak Tuene - Norway, Webflow, Oslo, Webflow development, UX/UI Design

Lead designer and developer

@ June 2022

About the company

DI is a leading technology company developing and operating cloud services for the newspaper and logistics industries. Often invisible, they provide the technology behind amazing distribution companies such as Helthjem and Morgenlevering.

Project description

The scope and task at hand

Joining DI in January 2022, we had an outdated idenitity and a developing product strategy. With ambitions of expanding beyond the northern countries we were in big need of a rebrand to stay up to date in the competetive landscape.


• Brand strategy

• Visual identity

• Website

• Slides deck

• Brand-guidelines

Brand sprint

We held a brand sprint with the decision makers to understand the core values of the brand. In this process we included a range of the people who knows DI the best and the team that could define the way going forward. We included people from the product team, the CPO, CEO and CRO.

Brand Guidelines

Defined brand guidelines for the company and external vendors to use. Included the brand mission, logo, colors, typogrophy, icons, google slides info, illustrations and images. Explore for yourself at di.no/brand-guidelines

Slides deck

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